10-Week Challenge

What's it all about?

Launched in January 2016, the Project ACTiON 10-Week Challenge is an opportunity for senior school leaders to make a positive, long-lasting change in their communities. Running over Term One, students identify the issue, develop an initiative and implement their project all within the 10-Week Challenge.

What do I have to do?

Your initiative can come in the form of a single event, an awareness campaign, you name it; as long as it addresses a need in your community. Your project will consist of a short video pitch (max 3 mins) and a one-page report detailing the 'why' behind your 'what'.

Why should I do it?

There is a range of prizes and awards available to the top performing entries.  Each student involved in the development of a Project ACTiON initiative has access to valuable project development resources, a chance to work with an inspiring network of young change-makers and will also receive an official certificate from yLead upon completion (these look great on job and scholarship applications!)

Who can be involved?

The Challenge is open to any individual leader or leadership team who/that has identified a need in their community and is passionate about addressing it through a creative, impactful and engaging initiative. In the past, the students who have benefitted most from this Project are senior leaders who want to leave a positive legacy in their school community.

When does it all happen

Until 2020...