A loVEly Week

As a team we brainstormed a diverse range of ideas that we felt addressed the needs of the Ave Maria students. We narrowed our ideas into a list of five key activities/concepts that revolved around the social environment at Ave Maria, the interaction between students and the general feel throughout the school. From this, we devised a plan to create an initiative which would not only address the theme provided by Ylead of “Cultural or Environmental Sustainability” but also acknowledged our 2015 College motto of “Honouring God’s Creation” and our own leadership motto of “Love Yourself.” As a team, and with the unwavering support of our school Principal, Mrs Elizabeth Hanney, we were dedicated to improving the social environment within our college, creating a general sense of pride for the school, an appreciation for the opportunities we are granted as students of Ave Maria College and, most importantly, a love for one another.


Grace, Wendy & the Ave Maria Leadership Team

Ave Maria College