A Move for Inclusivity


Over the recent months of 2018, our school has been faced with the issue of inclusivity. For a school located in Logan, it is common to find many cultures and personalities. Unfortunately a couple of students felt that the only way to deal with these differences was to become violent towards each other which ended up seeing them being excluded from our school. Acceptance and inclusivity is not only an issue within our school community, but sadly, within the world. We see hate across social media, and across many information sharing platforms. Within our school we are aiming to take steps to make our school a place where you can be yourself and feel accepted, by running events such as a “bullying NO WAY!” day, harmony day and fun house events. By doing this we hope that we will influence our students to have a more accepting attitude that will not only make school a more inclusive environment but will also encourage students to take this attitude home with them and hopefully make our community a more accepting one.

Kingston State College, QLD