What is
Project ACTiON?


Each year, yLead works with thousands of students across Australia and New Zealand, educating and empowering young people about what it takes to be a great 21st century leader. A highlight of yLead's calendar is the 3-day residential Australian Student Leadership Conference, which runs in Brisbane, Townsville, Adelaide, Sydney & Melbourne (also in New Zealand as Rangatira). In 2010, Project ACTiON (then known as the Community Leaders Awards) was designed to capture the momentum built at this awesome conference and give students the opportunity to implement initiatives back at their own schools using the skills, knowledge and energy they gained at Conference. Project ACTiON is the living evidence that 'leadership is any action that makes the world I touch a better place'.


The challenge is simple, "implement a creative, impactful and engaging project in your school which aims to make your world a better place". Participants in Project ACTiON are provided with a range of project development resources, specifically designed for Project ACTiON. At the conclusion of each project, participants submit a one-page report and a 3 minute pitch video, which explains the purpose behind their project and the results of what they implemented.


Over the past 7 years, 94 schools from across Australia and New Zealand have participated in Project ACTiON. In 2015 alone, over 12,000 students were directly impacted by these projects in schools. The impact on yLead has been phenomenal, as two of the current full-time staff members are former award winners in the Project, and over half of our current volunteer base were involved at various levels in their senior years. Moving forward, there are plans to expand this yLead initiative beyond its current audience, meaning the future of Project ACTiON is exciting for both the yLead Community and the schools we work with each year.