The essence of #beBOLD is to go for it, get involved and support others in their own bold aspirations. Just like no two fingerprints are exactly the same, no two of us are exactly the same. We all possess our own unique personalities, attributes and talents, and the crux of this campaign is exhibiting what makes us, us. The SRC scattered mysterious fingerprints throughout the school which sprouted many questions from the student body leading up to the big reveal. These fingerprints also serve as a constant reminder to get involved and don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone. Our symbol for this year is a (quite large) fingerprint. Within the groves, each member of the student body can find their names. This is symbolic of the fact that we make up the DNA of St Ursula’s College, and must work together to ensure that we are embodying the essence of #beBOLD to truly make the most out of our time here at school. 

St Ursula's College, QLD