Building from the Ground Up

On the 27th of January 2015, the St. John’s Anglican College leadership team launched their theme for the year. The theme was entitled “The Block: Building from the Ground Up”. The year and theme, of building a house, was split up into four parts. These were:

  1. Term One – Laying the Foundations of our House (Planning for the year ahead)

  2. Term Two – Ensuring that the structures of our House are firmly in place (Creating a safe and supportive school environment)

  3. Term Three – Placing a Roof over our heads (Encouraging a “roof” of strong focus over the school and striving to achieve our goals to finish the year off strongly)

  4. Term Four – Decorating our completed House (Continuing to work hard until the job is done, but also celebrating our success)


St John's Anglican College Leadership Team

St John's Anglican College