2019 Swimming Carnival

Galen Catholic College’s annual Swim Sports is an event designed to promote participation, students’ sense of community, and House spirit.  However, our school attracts students from a wide regional area, where school buses are a main form of transport to school. Additionally, many students are active in the community; volunteering, working or engaging in extra-curricular sports/activities.  Galen’s Swim Sports is held between 4:00 and 9:00 in the evening at Wangaratta’s Outdoor Olympic Pool, which leaves a large proportion of Galen’s students unable to compete and support their House on this important date in the school calendar. The Senior Student Leadership Team hoped to change the time of the event to during school hours to achieve the primary aims of the Swim Sports and improve its overall experience by opening the door for wider attendance, along with taking other suggestions onboard from students as to how else we could improve the event.

Galen Catholic College, VIC