The Pelic-nic


At Goulburn Valley Grammar School, the Year 12 leaders were all in agreement that there needed to be more inter-level collaboration. This is where our plan hatched, and it derived from the idea that there are eight species of pelicans (our mascot), just as there are eight year levels at our school. If we could get each year level to connect more actively within their cohort, then we could gather all the year levels together for a more effective collaboration. That is when we thought of a picnic, to encourage groups from the same year level to organise a rug and snacks thereby beginning the connection (without phones). Once all the different groups from across every year level gathered in a central location there was the opportunity for inter-year level relations to flourish. The picnic for the pelicans: the Pelic-nic was born.

Goulburn Valley Grammar School, VIC